Chorizos "La Abuela"

The LA ABUELA chorizos/sausages is made with carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.  Through years of development, LA ABUELA chorizos have been uniquely developed for the Canadian market.  All of the meats used in our products come from animals raised in the province of Alberta in Canada with a very high standard of quality.  This pure and natural environment adds to the taste and color characteristic of LA ABUELA chorizos/sausages.
Mexican chorizo ​​is a very important food staple in Mexican cuisine.  This wonderful combination of meats is mixed with different spices with authentic Mexican flavours including chilli guajillo which gives a distinguish flavour and color.  Then we let nature take its course a specific curing process that includes vinegar.  Only when the time is right do we stuff the cured meat into pork casings and left to aerate until it is packaged ready to be brought to your home. 
Chorizo and egg dishes are very traditional in Mexico - many families consume it on a daily basis.  This dish is almost always served with corn or flour tortillas and a touch of onion, cilantro, lemon juice with a bit of a good salsa.

The LA ABUELA Spanish chorizo ​​is a smoked sausage, cured with red wine vinegar.  The pork is minced and seasoned with a special blend of spices (passed down from generation to generation).  The most distinguishing characteristic of our Spanish chorizo is the delicious paprika – giving its amazing red color.  In Spain, for a sausage to be called a chorizo ​​sausage it must include paprika and garlic.  The combination of these two ingredients is what differentiates the Spanish chorizo from other chorizos of other countries.
Unlike Mexican chorizo, the LA ABUELA Spanish chorizo is set to rest after smoking allowing for a unique drying process.  This delicious chorizo ​​is suitable for the preparation of traditional Spanish tapas, sliced, hot or cold, accompanied with beans, chickpeas and vegetables.  In addition, LA ABUELA Spanish chorizo can be used in stews or paellas.

The LA ABUELA Chistorra is a sausage also from Spain in the Vasco-Navarro region.  It made with pork and a carefully selected mixed blend of aromatic herbs and spices.  The measured combination of garlic, sea salt, paprika gives Chistorra its exceptional red color.  The blend of meats, herbs and spices are then stuffed into lamb casing.   The diameter of the casing plays an important role in the natural smoke process.  Case sizing the Chistorra under a watchful eye will secure the fusion of the proper flavors from the pork and lamb.  These series of steps provide the Chistorra its authentic and unique taste.  Chistorra can be utilized in a wide variety of recipes which may include frying, roasted, soups and stews.  Also, for those who have a creative cooking side, Chistorra can be used in combination with vegetables or pasta.