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Company Overview – Our Beginning

In 2006, we started selling authentic Mexican cuisine that people can take home. It started with small and simple Mexican dishes like burritos and flautas to sell at the farmers market. This concept of giving people the opportunity to take home Mexican cuisine is the beginning of Mexico Lindo restaurant. What made us different is our use of natural ingredients like onions, tomatoes and chile peppers. The of these natural ingredients make our dishes come alive - the aroma, flavors, textures and presentation. If you think about it our dishes carry the colors of the Mexican flag meaning lots of whites, reds and greens.

As our business grew we started to make a name for ourselves and people were coming from all over. They were trying all of our dishes especially our home made sausages with pork from the province of Alberta, Canada. Our family, friends and folks from the area would say to us “you should package this and sell it at the supermarket”.

We listened and over a period of two years perfected three sausages products:

Spanish Chorizo -
Spanish chorizo-type products, often referred to as embutidos, come in many varieties, thick and thin, plain or smoked, some containing lean meat to be served for tapas, or with more fat to flavor stews, paellas and grilled dishes Spanish chorizo is made basically with pork, sweet paprika, chili peppers, garlic and red wine, and is cured either to a hard sausage consistency, to be sliced and eaten as an appetizer, or to a softer consistency to use in cooking.

Spanish Chistorra -
Chistorra is a classic sausage from Navarra, Spain, a stunning area that borders with France, the Basque country, and Aragon. La Chistorra is prepared over burning coals and is made with pork, paprika, and garlic. Similar to chorizo, but longer and thinner, it is delicious boiled, broiled or fried. A must for stews. It recreates the perfect Spanish omelette (tortilla) or serve it on its own, tapas-style.

Mexican Chorizo -
The Mexican chorizo is a fresh sausage made by pork, peppers guajillos (it is them which give him this beautiful color brick), and of a mixture of spices and aromatics. Contrary to his Spanish cousin, it is always eaten cooked. In Mexico, Chorizo is also used to make the popular appetizer chorizo con queso, which is small pieces of chorizo served in or on melted cheese, and eaten with tortilla.

The product name La Abuela came from a recipe passed down from the last two generations in Mexico. It has come to signify dishes made with pure natural wholesome ingredients and the pork which comes from Alberta, Canada where the land is pristine and unspoiled. It’s naturally delicious.

Borbolla Foods Equals Quality Sausage.

La Abuela sausage is proudly Canadian, produce in the Province of Alberta. They are cured to the highest standards in the industry. Our sausages go through a production process enhancing eating quality to bring out the most amazing aromas, juiciness, tenderness, color and flavors.

The Health Benefits of Pork:

Pork is in the news because of its health benefits. It is full of vitamins and minerals that have been found to be good for your eyes, skin, bones, nervous system and for your mind:

  • Pork tenderloin is low in fat (less than chicken breast) 
  • Naturally low in salt
  • Rich source of protein
  • Good source of Iron, Zinc, B6, B12, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid and antioxidants.

 La Abuela benefits:
  • Gluten Free
  • Free of Artificial Flavors and Colors
  • Sea Salt = Low Sodium
  • 100% Pork Meat
  • Free of Fillers
  • Locally Produced
  • Pork raised in the providence of Alberta, Canada.

 All of the meats used to the preparation of La Abuela Sausages meet the Canadian requirements for food safety.


























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